Quality Eco Calico Bags

Ecoshopper provides eco-friendly bags in Australia. Get calico bag printing services.


With plastic bags being phased out in most states and some states having a ban on single use plastic coming in altogether, alternatives are an absolute must. It is almost redundant if you are reusing bags that are also not eco-friendly in the place of the supermarket supplied plastic bags, but there are options out there. One of the most popular alternatives is the eco-friendly calico bag. They are a much better option than plastic or paper. Being durable and easy to wash, you are bound to get longevity out of calico bags. At Eco Shopper we understand the importance of supplying businesses with high quality print and promotional goods and even though our Calico bags are an inexpensive option, we ensure that we do not sacrifice on quality. The Calico bags that we print on are constructed to last. Not only are they large enough to fit quite a lot of items, they are durable. The bag straps are strong and well sewn so there is less risk of them tearing when you are carrying heavier items. Their design is made to be used consistently, so no matter what type of Calico bag you choose, you can be sure that when you purchase from Eco Shopper, your bags will stand up to the test.



Why Personalise a Calico Bag?


Promotional products are a fantastic way to spread the name of your business and organisation. When it comes to apparel items and accessories, these are products that are used regularly and will often be show off in public. With Calico bags really gaining in popularity, there is no better time to invest in them, especially if you decide to get them personalised. As a business or an organisation like a community group or school, selling or supplying your customers and/or community with calico bags is not just environmentally responsible, it is a brilliant way to get your name out there. Calico bags are easy to customise, with the material holding up well to being printed on. Also coming in a range of colours, by selling calico bags with your business name on it- not only are you encouraging your customers to use the calico bag, but they are also carrying around your business with them constantly. This is a great form of advertising that does not cost you much at all. Inexpensive to supply and print, with Eco Shopper we can supply you quality eco calico bags. The way a brand or business advertises is constantly critiqued by potential consumers and in a socially and environmentally conscious world, this is at the forefront at many minds, which is why some traditional forms of advertising or the use of different promotional products that may have been popular in the past have been scrutinised. Especially if they involve unnecessary use of plastics and paper. By printing some creative and bold designs, you are not just helping the planet by cutting down on plastic and encouraging the use of sustainable alternatives, you are getting your name out there in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


The History of Calico Bags


Single-use and wasteful items are a symptom of modern society. Previously, many products were built to be used time and time again, with longevity being a vital component of any product. This is why it may not be such a surprise to discover that Calico bags are not a new product- rather they have a long history. We may have first seen them as those trusty library bags or even as showbags, but they are so much. Named after the material they are made from, Calico is a unique fabric as it is unbleached and made from semi-processed cotton. This is also why it has a reputation of being more environmentally friendly. It may feel rougher than some more processed fabrics, but it is a smoother alternative to canvas. Originating from India as far back as the 11th Century, it was imported out of India by the Europeans. With laws introduced around calico’s processing and dyeing processes, it allowed for the Calico fabric that is used today for Calico bags to flourish. Becoming a symbol of environmentally friendly shopping, today the Calico bag has increased in popularity and is one of the best alternatives we have on the market.