Quality Custom Tea Towels

Ecoshopper is the leading tea towel manufacturers in Australia. We also offer tea towel printing services in Australia.

There is simply nothing more satisfying than seeing a reflection of your very own personal flair on goods around your home and what can really stand out is customising a tea towel for that real point of difference within your home or workplace. Think about when you have guests gathered around your kitchen area enjoying a nibble and sometimes the ice might be a little hard to break. With a custom printed tea towel you will have no issues getting the conversation started, especially if the custom print is something this is meaningful to both you and your guests and the custom printed tea towels can make for fantastic gifts at any time of the year. At Eco Shopper we can help your custom tea towel dream into a reality with our custom printed tea towel service. Personalising tea towels make for a great keepsake, thank you gifts, for anniversaries or even birthdays. If you are looking for something unique and innovative for grandparents, a personalised tea towel is a great option. With options to have your custom print on white tea towels you enjoy the benefits of having your own blank tea towel as a canvas to place whichever design you see fit. Making a perfect gift they are a small and lightweight item and can be posted easily and affordably. Given that being able to freely see loved ones has not been the easiest lately you could only picture the joy that a customised tea towel delivered directly would bring to anyone feeling like they may have been forgotten about.


Benefits of Custom Printing

In today’s day and age we constantly need to be more considerate of the environment and even more so if you’re operating a business as we have a big push to minimise our carbon footprints. If you are operating a business and are looking for sustainable options for you, your staff and customers, then having a custom printed tea towel could be the answer for you. As we continue to become more educated of the environmental impacts of anything disposal, there is immense pressure on individuals and businesses to minimise the use of disposable waste and opt for anything that can be reused, like tea towels. All you have to do is pop them in the wash and they can be reused like they’re brand new. Thankfully to give you or your business a point of difference with the use of custom printed tea towels, the customisation process is relatively simple and it can be quite an inexpensive item to get into your possession. You can encourage your household or business to opt to use tea towels over paper towels wherever feasible, and by being able to have custom printed tea towels, it will stand out and be more likely used as a result.


Marketing Products

Like many individuals and businesses who have identified the benefits of creating their own custom printed tea towels, if you too also decide you wish to also begin benefiting from having custom printed tea towels made up to help add some flair to your workplace and distribute the custom printed tea towel to loyal customers to represent your brand. Utilising a custom printed tea towel could do absolute wonders in the way of marketing. If you’re able to distribute the custom printed tea towels to loyal customers and they proceed to use them in their home, each time they use the tea towel they will be reminded about your brand and when they have guests over it will likely immediately catch their eye as it would be fairly unique to the guests and they will begin asking questions about the tea towel and more about the brand on it. Custom printed tea towels are not only practical but are a relatively inexpensive item to have produced and can add excitement to your brand when distributed to a loyal customer. With promotional custom printed tea towels you can enjoy the benefits of knowing that by passing the item onto customers you are helping spread your brand awareness further while also promoting consideration towards the environment, and often individuals appreciate when business are being eco-friendly and will go out of their way to support business who do their bit for the environment.