Personalised to Perfection

At Eco Shopper we love seeing personalised and custom orders of all products, especially our top notch quality tea towels as they can really make a statement where it is needed. What we continue to see is a continuing trend for custom orders as gifts. There is absolutely no denying that receiving a personalised gift is thoughtful and the recipient of the personalised gift is normally surprised and exited to receive such a gift. The ultimate focus on a gift is the ability to share your sentiment and what better way to do this than putting on your own custom picture or a funny quote that you and the gift recipient share. You can only image the joy it would bring to the recipient each and every time they see and use the custom, personalised tea towel. Another reason why creating a custom tea towel is that it shows that you have actually put some thought into the gift, rather than just walking into a store and possibly picking the first item that has jumped out at you. As that old saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”. There’ a reason why this saying is well known, as it’s an effective application to apply when picking out a gift for someone. A further benefit to personalised gifts such as personalised tea towels is that they have the ability to suit almost any kind of occasion, whether it’s a birthday, wedding gift or a life milestone. You can choose to make the gift or serious or a comical as you like with a personalised gift like a tea towel.

Let’s Avoid a Foul Towel

At the crux of being in the space of supplying high quality tea towels, we are always considering cleanliness and ensuring our product is doing its own bit to keep your home or business clean. However what happens when your tea towel has done all the hard work and would now be due for a clean? Have you considered the type of care required to ensure the tea towel will continue to perform as intended? Afterall a tea towel will go through quite a lot during its lifetime so it is likely owed some kind of care to ensure it performs to its optimal ability. Like anything that it exposed to various elements, it going to need a wash. The reason behind this is that after being wiped across various surfaces and hands touching the fabric, bacteria will likely form. In regards to how regularly you should wash your tea towel, you should ideally opt to wash your tea towels daily unless the tea towel hasn’t been used in which case it can continue to be hung. In relation to machine washing the tea towel, it has been said to opt for a biological detergent due to the detergents ability to break down protein, fats, starches and food strains from the added enzymes.

Custom Tea Towel Specialists

At Eco Shopper, our tea towels are crafted with one hundred percent cotton at 280gsm which provide the end user with a premium quality product that is soft, clean and dries every time. With the end user at mind at all times when designing our tea towel, we opted to offer a substantial 53cm x 80cm sized tea towel which makes them versatile enough to be used for any job life is throwing at you. Keeping our customers in mind, we’ve considered the diverse range of tastes that each individual may have which is why we sources various tea towel colour, from pure white to cream or black which can be printed upon with a custom print of your choice. Tea towels with custom prints have been known to make a unique gift for valuable clients or customers. We have also supplied our tea towels to churches, community and sporting groups. Starting with our tea towel as your blank canvas, the possibilities of what you can put on the tea towel are literally endless. Our custom tea towels can work as a fantastic marketing tool too. By distributing tea towels with your business name or logo you’re able to get your name into households and right through the community by choosing Eco Shopper to create your custom tea towel. For everything to do with tea towels and custom tea towels or even personalised tea towels, reach out to Eco shopper today.