Looking After Your Tea Towels


We at Ecoshopper offer services like tea towel printing in Australia.

Quality tea towels normally come in two materials: cotton or linen. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both materials, you will find that they are the most popular option used in the production of tea towels for many different reasons. Cotton tea towels are very absorbent and have recently become more popular compared to linen. Using a terry-cloth loop weave, they are a fantastic addition to the kitchen. Linen tea towels are a classic choice, as it does not create any fluff or lint through its vigorous usage like other materials. Made of softer fibres, it is perfect for kitchenware and fine china and less likely to cause any damage when cleaning or drying. While both are perfect choices for tea towels, it is still important to be mindful of any staining or building up of bacteria so regular washing is recommended, especially upon first purchase. The soaking of the tea towels before use is also a recommended practice, as it takes out any excess oils that may have been left in the manufacturing process. When you do wash or soak, also try to avoid on fabric conditioner or softener, as this can leave an oily coating on the tea towel. This can impact it’s absorbency and make it less effective to use. Instead, use a detergent and when drying, hang it out to dry to improve the lifespan of the fabric.


Why Eco Shopper for Tea Towels?

There are many companies that make tea towels, but in a time of fast fashion and overseas importers of low-quality textiles, not all tea towels are made equal. Poorly made tea towels not only lack in lustre but they can also damage your kitchenware which is why it is important to purchase from a company that you can trust. Eco Shopper is a company that is in the business of making cost-effective, sustainable and long-lasting tea towels. Always using 100% cotton, our large 53cm x 80cm tea towels are great for all jobs, and are soft, great quality and effectively dry every single time. Supplying across Australia and New Zealand, our proudly 100% Australian company is a great option for those looking to fundraise for their event, business or even schools and kindergartens. Being able to add logos and having a range of colours to suit a range of different designs from corporate prints to fun designs for a kindergarten fundraiser, our tea towels are perfect for any occasion. To bring brand awareness, fundraise for an organisation or make great gifts for clients, customers or family; no matter if you are a church, community group or sporting team, Eco Shopper can help you create a great custom tea towel. Just start with a blank tea towel for a canvas, we can help you select or come up with the right design to print onto our quality tea towels.


The Importance of Quality Printing

Now, a good quality fabric will always bring out the best of any design. When a design is printed on a lower quality fabric, often the ink will not take as well and will leave any design to fade or not show up as great as it can be. Just as important though it is to have a good quality fabric to print on, the printing itself needs to also be quality. When designs are not printed properly, depending on the type of printing a company uses, it can lead to stickiness of the design, peeling or fading. Designs can run or fade in the wash, and the lower the quality, the quicker this can happen, which is why when you are looking for printing for your tea towels, you want to ensure that the printing is of quality. Tea towels are regularly washed and are always in contact with surfaces, water and detergents so it is important to ensure the printing quality is excellent, so the designs do not fade or run too easily. Eco Shopper promises quality printing with every tea towel, so no matter what you are using your tea towels for, those who receive them will not have to worry about the design running off on their kitchenware or fading in the wash.