Exquisite Tea Towels

For quality tea towels you will often find two main materials used for the production, one being cotton and the other, linen. Linen allows a limitation on lint while in use and allows for avoidance of fluff appearing after vigorous use. Linen is known for its ability to quickly dry and absorb liquid. The softer fibres found in linen are perfect for use on kitchenware and fine china as there is minimal risk of damage when cleaning or drying. In more recent times it has been found cotton is being widely used for producing tea towels. Cotton tea towels are fantastic and absorbing through use of their terry-cloth loop weave. Consistent with any conventional tea towel, they will need washing in order to remove stains and avoid build ups of bacteria. We always recommend soaking tea towels in warm water after purchasing in order to remove excess oils on the tea towel as part of the manufacturing process. Our recommendation is to avoid your fabric conditioner on the tea towel and opt for use of a detergent in the washing process as this allows for retention of absorbency. You will often find that if you do use a fabric conditioner or softener you are likely to experience an oily coating on the towel which then creates water resistance and therefore less absorbent. As part of the tea towel drying process you should avoid the use of a dryer as this can cause damage and deterioration to more delicate fabrics. Rather hang your tea towels out to dry. When it comes to putting your tea towels on display in your home, there are varieties of ways to this by either a neat fold over the oven door handles, hanging the tea towel on a dedicated hook or you can opt to simply neatly fold them away in your cupboard.

Custom Printed Tea Towels

Imagine being able to put your own ideas and flair into a custom printed tea towel that will fit right into your interior decor. When your guests are gathered around your kitchen area trying to solve the world’s problems with you a custom tea towel is another great conversation starter and they can also make a thoughtful yet cost effective gift. At Eco Shopper we can make your dream custom tea towel a reality with our custom printed tea towel service. Personalising tea towels make for a great keepsake, thank-you gifts, anniversaries or even birthdays. If you are looking for something unique and innovative for grandparents, a personalised tea towel is a great option. It is a perfect way to bring some love from a little one into the kitchen. They are also a relatively small and lightweight item and can be posted easily and affordably. Tea towels are durable in transit and you will not need to stress about how the item is being handled when in transit to that special someone. Catching up with loved ones has not been so easy lately so can you imagine the joy that a customised tea towel delivered directly would bring to anyone feeling like they have maybe been forgotten about. Every time the unique tea towel is picked up for use it will instantly bring a feeling of warmth and happiness knowing how much thought went into producing it.

Designing Your Logo

If you would love to design your own logo for either commercial use or just for fun personal use that could ultimately be customised onto our tea towels, we have done some of the leg work for you when figuring out how any why you should design your own logo which we’d love to put on a tea towel for you. There are some major importance to logos as they allow for a great first impression and can give your business its own identity. Having a logo in place gives off a professional image by showing that you are serious about your venture and that you have taken time to consider your image. By designing and inputting a logo to your business, you create the face of your business that everyone will remember when they see the logo and all the benefits your business offers. By having a logo and maybe some of your competitors not having logos you instantly stand out from the competition and it could be the point of different the consumer needs to choose your product or service over someone else’s. Designing your logo to be effective and conducive is important and factors to consider include the colour scheme and artwork of the logo to ensure optimal outcomes.