Custom Printed Tea Towels


Custom Printed Tea Towels

Tea Towels. We all use them. While we might not associate them with the best bits of life, they are a necessary item for every household. From drying the dishes, polishing the glassware or mopping up spills, tea towels help us maintain order and hygiene at home.  They occupy spaces hanging from cupboard and oven doors, over counters and cabinets. The tea towels you have at home don’t have to be boring or plain any longer. At Eco Shopper we can provide you with custom printed tea towels! Our personalised tea towels are fantastic for keepsakes, thank-you gifts, for anniversaries and for birthdays. If you’re looking for something unique and innovative for grandparents, a personalised tea towel is a great option. It’s a perfect way to bring some love from a little one into the kitchen. They are also a relatively small and lightweight item and can be posted easily and affordably. They won’t break in transit and it doesn’t matter if they get dropped. Catching up with loved ones hasn’t been so easy lately, so can you imagine the joy that a customised tea towel delivered directly would bring to Nanna and Pop? This unique gift will bring a giggle of delight to even the toughest critics. The idea of an artwork on a tea towel causes a kind of cognitive dissonance; having an object that is both extremely practical and a unique work of art makes our tea towels something that become a much loved and treasured item.

Why Choose Eco Shopper for your Custom Tea Towels?

We use 100% cotton for our tea towels with a 280gsm, giving you a great quality, soft clean and dry every time. Our tea towels are a generous 53cm x 80cm, making them suitable for both the big jobs and the small. From pure white to cream or black, our tea towels can be printed upon with a range of colours including a specific tint to match your corporate colours or logo. Fundraising through custom printed tea towels is a great way to market your event, business or organisation including schools. We’ve helped kindergartens create a lasting memory of the early years for their children and families. No parent can resist purchasing a tea towel which has their little one’s handprint on it. The fact we can add a logo creates the chance for you to use the tea towels to bring brand awareness. These tea towels would make a unique gift for valuable clients or customers. We’ve also supplied our tea towels to churches, community and sporting groups. Starting with our blank tea towel canvas, you can create a lasting product that expresses so much about what you do and the services you offer. Get your name into households and right through the community by choosing Eco Shopper to create your custom tea towel. Our tea towels are cost effective, lasting and sustainable and will become an important part of any home. We can supply orders across Australia and New Zealand, and are proudly 100% Australian owned. 


Factors to Consider with a Printing Company

More and more companies seem to be doing personalised and customisable products; it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s worth doing your research before you settle on a printer to handle your precious, personal and private content. Creating a tea towel that is unique and special and has your artwork or brand on it is a big undertaking. If you want to end up with a product you are pleased with and proud of, picking local is always a great idea. If your printer is local, you can pop in and check the quality of stock that the company use. If you can’t get in to meet your printer, ask them about the print equipment they use, and if they have recently upgraded their technology.  It’s also worth checking any reviews your printer has received online. With easy access to review businesses online, many customers now leave their reports, good or bad, on a company’s business listing or Facebook page. You might also want to check the printer’s refund or exchange policy, which would give you an idea of what could be done if you weren’t happy with your final product. 

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