Sustainability Calico Bags

The country has made it clear: plastic bags are out. With many stores, ranging from grocery to clothing, offering alternatives to the single use plastic option, it is not wild to say that reusable bags are the new must have for every person who steps foot into a shop. While there are a few alternatives out there, one cannot look past the humble calico bag. Cotton calico bags, not only being an environmentally friendly and reusable alternative to single use plastic, are one of the most versatile choices for not just the everyday shopper to have in their car or handbag but for businesses who wish to provide their shoppers with a sustainable alternative. If sustainability is at the forefront of your mind, then investing in cotton calico bags is a must. Calico bags are sustainable but they are also durable and strong. With some stores choosing to offer paper bags or recyclable plastic, the durability of the calico bag wins it more votes in terms of user convenience. While they last a long time too, they are also biodegradable and can be recycled or creatively repurposed, which makes them even more sustainable then the other alternatives on the market. If you are serious about sustainability, then cotton calico bags are the best switch to make for when you do your shopping.

Ecoshopper provides reusable cotton produce bags in Australia. We also provide calico bag printing services.

The Advantages of Having Your Custom Print

If you are a business and are looking sustainable options for your customers, or maybe you are a fashion brand that is looking at diversifying your range, then having a custom print calico bag to promote your label or designs is a great way to not only offer sustainable shopping alternatives but to ensure that your name is getting out there as much as possible. As many people are becoming more conscious about the environment, a lot of consumers are actively seeking out calico bags for shopping, from groceries to fashion accessories thus by offering a calico bag with a custom print, you can not only give your customers a product that they need but you will also make a sale for yourself. As the printing on calico is a relatively simple process, it can be quite an inexpensive product to add to your range. You can encourage the sale of these bags by just adding them on for a small fee to any purchase can get your customers showing off your brand as they carry their goods around. Alternatively, if you are running an event or a fundraiser, then having a calico bag with your events or fundraisers logo on it can be a great goodie bag for those who attend and support. You can use it to fill up with other important information or giveaways. Whether you are using it to promote your business or event, as a fresh item for your consumers to purchase or a donation bag for charity goodies- a custom print calico bag has a range of uses and benefits that any person can get behind.

Advertising Your Business

If you decide to go down the route of adding cotton calico bags to your promotional products to help advertise your business, then you will find that there are plenty of benefits and reasons while they are such a great product to use as a promotional item. Calico bags are one of the most useful promotional products available, especially now single-use plastic bags have pretty much been eradicated across the country. Not only are they useful but they are the lowest cost promotional item so the return on investment is pretty substantial. With promotional calico bags generally being in rotation throughout a persons household for around seven months, not only will the recipient absorb the impact of your brand, they will be showing it off unintentionally as they walk through the shop and do their day-to-day errands. This is great for free publicity. You can also satisfy the ethical part of your business, with the cotton calico bags being not only being used as an environmentally friendly alternative, but the material itself being environmentally friendly, you do not have to worry about the ethics behind contributing to waste with your promotional items. So if you are looking to increase your brand awareness, while mixing style with functionality, then calico bags are a great promotional item to invest in.